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Frequently asked questions

Pet Sitter FAQS

Q.  What is a pet sitter? 

 A.  A pet sitter is a professional individual who cares for a pet in the pet's own home while the pet's owner is away.  


Q.  What are the advantages of hiring a professional pet sitter rather then have a family member, friend, or neighbor care for my pets?   
A.  By hiring a professional pet sitter, like Kat and Dogs Ohio (KADO), you won't have to ask untrained or reluctant friends, neighbors, or family to care for your pet(s).  There is peace of mind knowing that your babies will be well cared for and you don't have to worry whether your neighbor was able to stop over or not.  Additionally, professional pet sitters like KADO are insured, bonded, and have pet first aid training that others do not.     

Q. Do you job share with the pet owner's family and/or friends?

A. No but there are a couple of exceptions.  If the pet's owner is at home recovering from surgery but needs help caring for their pet that is not a problem!  I also have a client who brings her pets to grandma's house when she travels for business.  Grandma doesn't feel comfortable walking Fido but is able to otherwise take care of the pets.  Therefore I come a few times a day to walk around the neighborhood with Fido!!  

Other then that, for the health and safety of all pets and the house involved, I don't job share.



Q.  Do I meet the pet sitter prior to scheduling services? 

 A.  Yes!!  A  consult is required for all new clients prior to scheduling services.  This is so I can meet you and your pets, answer any concerns and/or questions you have, and tailor a schedule to meet everyone's needs.  

Q.  Will you provide service if the client is a smoker?

A.  Yes and no.  As  a nonsmoker, I am quite sensitive to the smell and don't want to  expose others to third-hand smoke.  If I smell cigarette/cigar smoke,  I might have to decline services.  


Q.  What services do you offer? 

 A. I offer a variety of pet care services for dogs and cats but I also have experience caring for cockatiels, fish, chickens, and horses.  Services consist of, but are not limited to:  neighborhood walks for dogs who walk well on leash, litter box duties, administration of pet's medications, and much more!!  Basic grooming needs are also available for dogs and cats!


Q.  What areas do you cover?  

A.  Kat and Dogs Ohio provides services to clients who live in:  Eastlake, Kirtland, Kirtland Hills, Waite Hill, Willowick, Wickliffe, Willoughby Hills, and Willoughby.

Daily cat visit in Willoughby, OH!

Daily cat visit in Willoughby, OH!